Minimalism is Effortlessness

Hi fashionistas !

I have been MIA for so long. That is the case with me, as you already know by now. I have so many outfit ideas to present for you’all lovelies. I want to make sure that with the available clothing items in your wardrobe, you can put together a chic look.

Today’s look-book is all about that. It doesn’t demand for a wardrobe makeover. This look is essentially minimalist yet sort of edgy. The best attribute of this whole look is the comfort it offers. Consisting of a basic nautical long skirt and solid black bell-sleeves top, this outfit is complete with a smile and an air of confidence. It is suitable for any body type. If you wish to appear leaner, opt for vertical stripes instead of horizontal one. You can even do the opposite i.e. wear a nautical horizontal/vertical striped top and pair it with a solid black long skirt.

I hope you like my simple yet stylish outfit ideas and replicate it IRL. If you do, please tag me in your Girl Next Door inspired outfit posts on Instagram (@nibeditahatibaruah).

Wait for my next post. Till then, smile and spread love ❤

Top: Myntra

Skirt: Latin Quarter

Sandal: H&M

Sling bag: Van Heusen







Make it Match !

Hello beautiful people !!!

Let us take a moment to remember those days when every item of clothing, including shoes and vanity bag, nail paint, lip colour everything was worn strictly in colour coordination. Pink dress would mean pink everything.

I was looking at some old photographs where even celebrities are pictured wearing completely colour coordinated outfits. Some of them are outrageous to look at now. A sort of fashion faux pas- a fashion blunder, today’s fashion commentators would say.

However, this blogpost is along the lines of matchy-matchy outfit that is detested by many, especially in the present fashion scenario. Its a minimalistic outfit with no glitzy accessories whatsoever but extremely colour coordinated. I have worn a loose maroon vintage dress and paired it with maroon oxford boots. The embroidered dress lets out a vintage/old school vibe. Because I haven’t worn any accessory except the wrist watch, I have tied my hair into two ponytails to accentuate the old school look (honestly, because I can’t make Dutch braids).

I hope you like what I conceptualized and dared to present that which is at the risk of being rejected by the fashion police. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t care less because I believe I have owned the look and can confidently (read comfortably) walk around in it all day giving zero damn to haters.

Do your own thing gurl ! You be your only queen ❤

 Much love, XOXO ! 🙂


Denim on Dress

Hello beautiful people !!!

It feels wonderful to share some of my basic fashion mantras with you. Those who have read my first blog post are already aware that the kind of outfit ideas I endorse are extremely easy to sport by anyone and everyone, which is why I have named my blog Girl Next Door. I mostly shop online or from local boutiques and flea markets. I do not exhibit high end brands which not everyone can afford. And I have not attained that level of popularity for big brands to approach me for their promotion. LOL !!! However, that does not imply that I do not keep a tab on latest updates in the fashion world.

Winter is gradually fading away and it’s almost time to reorganize your wardrobe and put all the summer outfits in front. Today was a fairly sunny day and the best kind of weather for hanging out with friends. Where I live, one cannot imagine roaming about during the daytime in summers because the streets start to melt ! So before those days are back again, me and my friend decided to go out and bask in the sun and click a few photographs for my blog.

It took me a while to settle on which outfit to wear today and what style to portray to you guys. After a little pondering, I choose to wear a basic denim jacket with my frilly fuchsia mini dress. I paired it with block heels and velvet choker (diy) to neutralize the overwhelming pink colour ! The outfit was perfect for today’s weather which was sunny yet pleasant.

The “denim-on-denim” trend was ruling the internet and fashion bloggers all across the globe had shown us how to club a denim over denim perfectly well. So, I extended that trend to wearing a denim jacket over a very girly dress to make the outfit seem less banal and more edgy and funky.

I hope you guys can replicate my style ideas in your lives without much difficulty. The aim is to inspire you all to experiment a little with whatever you have got without having to worry about flaunting expensive shiz all the damn time ! All it takes is a thinking mind and confidence. And that is all you need to look stylish and chic. We are all chiquitas. Don’t be afraid to try.

Until next time, XOXO !





Brace the Cold in Style !

Hello there !

My sabbatical from blogging has been long drawn. But I haven’t quite forgotten to make a style statement, as and when I can.

Winter is in full swing and my wardrobe is filled with clothes that is most suitable for summer, starting from crop tops to shorts and one-pieces. I recently bought a shift dress online during the end of season sale ( but could not imagine wearing it in this spine-chilling cold and the restlessness in me to wear it asap was growing !

By the way, it’s a ritual for me and my friend to go outdoors on weekends to take a break from the rut of daily life, caught between strict timings of the office. Fortunately for me, she loves to click photos and I couldn’t be happier. I strike a hundred poses and she never gets bored of clicking.

During this one outing when we both went to a nearby deer park, I decided to wear the recently bought monochrome shift dress. It was very windy that day, and the sun was going down by the time we reached. To look appropriately (rather, adequately) dressed for the season, I paired the shift dress with maroon stockings and a jet black coat. I added a burst of red (scarf) and wore black combat boots. It served the twin purpose of beating the cold and making the outfit edgy at the same time. My clear glasses lend a somewhat retro touch to the look.

This is it for the week. I have committed to update my blog at least once a week, amidst daily chores.

Until then, Ciao !



The Bold Cut !

Hello peeps !

I know it’s been ages since I updated my blog. Apparently, I am an adult now with a fresh job in hand. Also, I moved to a different place. Amidst adapting to the new environment and work life, I got caught up and my blog got affected. Sigh ! Anyways, I hope this new look compensates for my long hiatus. 

Today’s post features a long black high slit maxi top ( that I paired with ice blue denim shorts and wedge heels (ALDO). To add vibrancy to the bland solid black top, I have worn a gypsy neck piece (thrifted) and gold watch (DANIEL KLEIN). The whole look is accentuated by a classic beige clutch (DKNY) and reflector aviator sun glasses (thrifted) and not to forget, fuchsia shade lipstick.

This look is perfect for a night out with your girlies. The high slit is guaranteed to turn a few heads 😉

100_6218 100_620367 100_6205


Travel in Style !

Hello friends !

Recently, I traveled solo to north-east India which happens to be my homestead. The general advice is to travel light but sometimes it is just not possible to travel light. Every second thing in your closet you lay your eyes on, you feel are indispensable for the trip. So, you end up carrying more things and clothes than necessary. This is the story of the majority of us. Having said that, I extend my apologies for not being able to update the blog for quite a long time now. The circumstances were not conducive for me to do so.

Anyways, today in the blog I am featuring a look that can be carried off while travelling. It is conventional yet stylish. What is important, the look ensures all the comfort that one can desire during travel. I have paired an adidas logo print cotton t-shirt with white washed ice blue denim pants. I chose to wear a pair of paper print sneakers because they are very cosy and comfy. As accessories I have worn a wrist watch and beige sunnies (Forever 21). I would say, the most important addition to the whole look is the red bandana that I have worn across my crown area. FYI, there are a host of bandana tutorials in Youtube. Pick the style that you think suits you best. The look is complete with a brown sling bag and pastel red lipstick.

I hope you like the look that I have put together and follow it while you are on a journey to the place of your dreams. Keep it simple, keep it stylish 🙂

DSC00076 - CopyDSC00130 - Copy

DSC00115 - Copy

DSC00119 - Copy

DSC00136 - Copy


Say Yes to Bichrome !

Hello All !

In today’s outfit, I am mainly featuring two colours- black and oxford blue. It is a simple yet chic outfit idea. I have worn a black full sleeve (sleeves rolled up) cotton shirt and paired it with high waist oxford blue pants and a thin braided leather belt. It’s a stylish way to avoid wearing tight skinny jeans in the summer heat. Style and comfort should go hand in hand. The Kolhapuri style green sandals add to the comfortability. You can walk around all day without having to worry about shoe bites or blisters. This outfit is best suited for a day out with friends. Try not to sport this look at night because it is sort of bland and not very vibrant as such. A brown sling bag and fuchsia lipstick completes the look. You may want to wear sunnies too. I chose to wear aviators.

P.S. I apologise for the poor picture quality today. My friend who owns the nice camera has gone on a vacation. So I had to settle for my phone camera. Also, it was getting dark and I could not capture a close view of my accessories which are nothing more than a silver wrist watch, gold ring and a statement neck-piece.

I hope you all enjoy viewing my blog. I will try my best to improve upon the presentation. Keep smiling 🙂

upload 1

upload 2

upload 3